CFSIC Launch Update

Everyone...I’m pleased to report that CFSIC’s board met on November 27, and over several hours we considered the many comments you provided during the comment period, which closed on November 15.

On behalf of my fellow directors, thank you for weighing in. Constructive and thoughtful comments were considered in detail, and I wanted you to be aware that, as a result, CFSIC’s underwriting and claims management process will be refined in ways designed to help improve our response to affected homeowners.

In the coming days, we will be posting detailed information about changes to our underwriting and claims management guidelines. These changes will be incorporated into CFSIC’s existing guidelines, and those will be re-posted on the site; but in addition to that, you’ll be able to visit this area of the site, where I will detail in clear terms what we've changed and how it affects both the application and claim payment processes.

Because of the complexity of the changes we have to make, we can’t confirm when these changes will be up on the site...but we expect the changes to be posted within the next 9 to 10 days.

Under the enabling legislation, we cannot launch CFSIC until a full 30 days has passed from the date on which these underwriting guideline changes have been posted.

Let me thank you again for the thoughts you have offered us. We took them into consideration.

Thank you also for your patience as we work through the monumental task of modifying our program to better meet your needs.

Thank you.
Steve Werbner
President, CFSIC