For Contractors

Qualified contractors are a vital part of fulfilling CFSIC’s mission. CFSIC and affected homeowners will very much depend on contractors who are qualified to do the work, are committed to CFSIC’s goals, and who are equally committed to operating at all times with the highest degree of business integrity.

What follows is what contractors need to know to participate in the CFSIC program:

  1. How your firm can qualify
  2. Bonding requirements
  3. What the process is: Type 1 Claims
  4. What the process is: Type 2 Claims
  5. What we’ll pay for and how much we’ll pay
  6. What we won’t pay for
  7. How you get paid
  8. Frequently Asked Questions
  9. What you’ll have to agree to
  10. To view calculation worksheets and a sample proposal template
  11. Claim Transfers