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Welcome to CFSIC’s website

CFSIC is almost ready to launch, and help is on the way for affected homeowners.

CFSIC will launch on January 10, 2019

Superintendent’s update

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Need Help Getting Started?

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Step 1: Do I Have a Claim?

To qualify for the program, you must meet a specific set of eligibility requirements.  Learn more about eligibility.

Step 2: What Kind of Claim Do I Have?

CFSIC will honor two types of valid claims. Read the Claims Management Guidelines.

Step 3: How Do I Apply?

You can apply online. We'll walk you through the steps. Start the application process now.

STEP 4: What Do I Need To Apply?

You will need to submit additional information with your application. Here’s the list.

STEP 5: What Happens to My Application?

Your application will be evaluated based on the contents of the application and points of evidence. Learn about this process.

STEP 6: What Can I Expect After That?

How your claim will be paid is described here.

Latest News

Superintendent’s Update

We’ve made much progress since CFSIC’s board met on November 27.

First, on November 28, we received the remainder of the allotment of Bond Commission funding which had been due CFSIC for the fiscal year closing June 30, 2018. These funds have enabled us to continue our operations. Many people inside state government assisted us, and we are grateful. Read more.