President’s Message

As we move close to the two-month anniversary of CFSIC’s launch, I’m pleased to report that we are making great progress in bringing needed assistance to homeowners. As of February 28, we had received 505 Type 1 and Type 2 applications. A number of these applications are being triaged over the next ten days, and within the next two weeks many more homeowners will learn about the status of their claims.

All evidence points to the fact that houses will be lifted for some claimants beginning in April, and so CFSIC will shortly begin to fulfill its mission to bring relief to affected homeowners struggling with the crumbling foundations crisis.

The data that’s emerging through the application process paints a picture of where the crumbling foundations crisis really exists. As an example, so far, we've seen the greatest number of applications from the following towns:

Tolland: 96
South Windsor: 62
Stafford Springs: 48
Vernon: 45
Ellington: 45
Willington: 39
Coventry: 34
Ashford: 16
Bolton: 11
Somers: 10
Enfield: 9

Obviously, what this means is that, at least at the current time, there are many towns in the affected area with only a handful of applications...and of course the application process is far from complete.

As the CFSIC staff pours through all of the applications, much more data will emerge as to the location of affected homes and how we can direct our efforts very precisely to help homeowners who need it the most.

Thank you.
Steve Werbner
President, CFSIC