President’s Message

Hello everyone.

I’m happy to report that CFSIC is out of suspension for the signing of new Participation Agreements.

The Superintendent has been working to make sure that many of those in line, some since the middle of June, will now be able to proceed with their remediation.

CFSIC is still in suspension for the taking of new applications. We estimate that CFSIC will be in suspension for the taking of applications for a minimum of three months, and maybe as long as six months. Much will depend on whether CFSIC’s current “sunset date” of June 30, 2022 is moved forward. We certainly hope that it is, because then we can take advantage of accepting applications against a longer revenue stream, because of the Healthy Homes surcharge.

CFSIC needs access to more funds. We’ve estimated that the first wave of remediation is as many as 1,700 homes.

Be sure to check out CFSIC’s Annual Report. There’s a lot of good data there. All of us on CFSIC’s board are proud of the data we’ve that shows us what the future of this crisis is going to look like, while it also shows us how CFSIC is well positioned to put people’s lives back together.

Thank you.
Steve Werbner
President, CFSIC