President’s Message

Hello everyone.

As we begin our second condo building remediation, all of us on the CFSIC board are pleased to see the great progress that the Superintendent and his team are making. Each one of the condos we remediate means one more family in a safe and secure home.

Now that Spring is definitely with us, the Superintendent has reported to me that we are very close to the landmark number of “300”…which we should be achieving very soon. As you travel around the Northeast Corner you can see the visible signs of CFSIC’s success…homes lifted seven feet off the ground as families eagerly await a return to normalcy.

It’s going to take more money to do what needs to be done. We are encouraged by CT House Bill 6646, which passed out of committee unanimously. In our view, it’s what it takes to make certain that CFSIC doesn’t lose momentum.

Thank you.
Steve Werbner
President, CFSIC