President’s Message

Hello everyone. We reached a major milestone last Friday, with more than 200 foundations replaced. When I look back in particular at the town of Tolland, a couple of years ago it didn't seem possible that we would find a solution to the crumbling foundations crisis.

Today, we know of 220 Active, Inactive, and Pending claimants identified in the town of Tolland alone. $8.8 million worth of foundations have been replaced, and CFSIC carries more than $12 million in reserves just on the remaining claimants in Tolland.

We’ve come a long way. The Board of CFSIC recognizes that we also have a long way to go. We’re grateful to CFSIC’s staff for accomplishing the near impossible, and we extend our thanks to all staff members for this great milestone achieved.

Thank you.
Steve Werbner
President, CFSIC