President’s Message

Hello everyone.

I’m happy to report that our team is now actively engaged in the condominium and PUD remediation process. It’s taken a while to get here, but as is noted in this week’s “Latest News” we have a clear handle on the condominium and PUD situation, and what we must do at CFSIC to help these affected homeowners.

At CFSIC we are proud of the fact that our claim data now warehouses the best information on the extent of the crumbling foundations crisis. Our data is not speculative. It’s not a guess. It’s real data that shows which towns are affected, and even which streets within which towns are affected.

This data will be summarized in CFSIC’s Annual Report, which will be coming out at the end of August.

It is only with real data that we can understand the nature of this crisis and how best to address it. Since the inception of this crisis, many would agree that too many numbers have been thrown around. With data, we will begin to get our arms around the true extent of this crisis. With speculation and misinformation, we never will.

Steve Werbner
President, CFSIC