President’s Message

August 1, 2022

Hello everyone.

First, we express an enormous amount of gratitude to Governor Lamont and the Connecticut Bond Commission for their support of CFSIC. With another $25M coming to us within the next few weeks, we will push forward with incredible momentum. In the next few weeks, we will see a surge of families returned to safe and secure homes with their equity restored. CFSIC is a national as well as international model for how to do things right with the use of public funds in a fair and consistent way, regardless of where this crisis occurs in the world.

It’s also important to note just how valuable this website is. It’s filled with factual information from top to bottom. We’re continually surprised to learn of information floating around on the Internet that isn’t correct. Isn’t factual. And is based on hearsay. There is absolutely no reason for this to be happening. Not only can you go to the “For Homeowners” section of this website to learn all about the workings of our program, but you can also go to the extensive Q&A. Information on what our cap is, is here. Information on allowable costs is here. How to reach ESIS ProClaim or the Superintendent’s office is here. We are the only source of accurate and true information about the extent of this crisis in CT, and, for those seeking the truth, this website is your first and final stop.

Thank you.
Steve Werbner
President, CFSIC