President’s Message

Hello everyone.

Giving thanks at this time of year is the natural thing to do at the personal level…so from a personal perspective, I want to give thanks to our great team at CFSIC, who continue to meet the challenges of managing a complex captive insurance company.

It’s easy to let some of our challenges get in the way of thankfulness at CFSIC. We should not let that happen. CFSIC is pushing the number “500” and we will see that happen this coming spring or early in the summer. We plan an elaborate celebration when that occurs.

We have a thoughtful volunteer board of directors who are good people and good colleagues, and I want to offer thanks to them as well for their hard work and community service: people giving of their time for the benefit of the victims of this crisis…something that perhaps people out there may forget from time to time. Voluntary effort is the cornerstone of CFSIC’s success.

Thank you.
Steve Werbner
President, CFSIC