Our Mission

Connecticut Foundation Solutions Indemnity Company, Inc. (“CFSIC”) has been chartered and licensed as a captive insurer to assist the State of Connecticut with the fair and equitable adjustment of homeowner claims resulting from the pyrrhotite-affected home foundations natural disaster.

CFSIC’s mission is to use its available resources to adjust and pay claims for the rebuilding of as many pyrrhotite-affected home foundations as those resources will permit. Using objective and recognized property claim adjustment standards, and acting at all times with fairness and compassion, CFSIC is committed to the equitable treatment of homeowners suffering from this natural disaster.

CFSIC will also become the focal point for the development of educational resources and outreach to the public concerning the issue of crumbling foundations, why these occur, and how they can be prevented. We will be a catalyst encouraging the federal government, the commercial insurance market, and all interested parties to come to the aid of affected homeowners.

CFSIC will conduct itself at all times, through its governance and by its actions, in a manner consistent with its tax-exempt purpose and its mission of service to the public.