We're Not There Yet...

CFSIC will officially launch on January 10. This means that you cannot apply yet, until that date. You cannot yet electronically file a claim and the claim adjuster, ESIS ProClaim, will not respond to your telephone call or email until January 10.

However, you can get ready by understanding how to file a claim, what points of evidence you will need, and being prepared.

To view a non-working specimen of a Type 1 application.

To view a Type 2 non-working specimen application.

Viewing an applicable specimen application in advance will help you understand what the application requirements are, so that you can be ready when CFSIC launches, and you will know what needs to be included with each type of application, as well as what you’ll be asked, by signing the application, to truthfully represent to CFSIC.

Many of the questions you may have about the process will be answered on the FAQs page. You can also view the Underwriting and Claims Management Guidelines.

Once CFSIC launches, you should be aware that incomplete applications, or applications that don’t include required points of evidence, will be placed into “inactive status” until they are complete...and this can delay the consideration of your claim.

The fastest way to get your claim considered, once CFSIC launches, is to file your claim electronically.