Why Foundations Fail

Understanding the Crisis

CFSIC has engaged Kevin Miller, an established authority on the science of concrete failure, to create a series of white papers on the science behind the crisis.

Kevin Miller has been employed in the concrete industry for the past 30 years. Kevin, well-versed and educated in concrete technology, troubleshooting concrete defects, and designing concrete mixtures for commercial and residential applications, is an industry veteran. Additionally, during his seven-year term as President of the Connecticut Ready Mix Concrete Association, he witnessed and was instrumental in supporting legislative changes and the incorporation of stricter quarry inspections to assure the long-term durability of concrete used in roads, bridges, and highways as well as in other commercial and residential uses. Kevin continues to remain active in the industry as a consultant on government projects and as a troubleshooter on residential and commercial concrete issues. CFSIC has engaged with Kevin to create the only comprehensive concrete failure training course available in the state of Connecticut. He continues to serve as consultant and advisor to CFSIC.

To learn more, please see below:

Article #1: A Brief History of Connecticut’s Crumbling Foundations (PDF)

Article #2: Understanding the Effects of Pyrrhotite in Concrete (PDF)

Article #3: Concrete Basics (PDF)

Article #4: Durability, Strength, and Cost: Why All Concrete is Not the Same (PDF)

Article #5: Introduction to Concrete Troubleshooting (PDF)

Article #6: Let's Start in the Basement (PDF)

Article #7: Foundation Inspections – Variables & Predictions (PDF)