CFSIC Home Inspector Program

CFSIC has created a course curriculum and examination aimed at certifying CT-licensed home inspectors to perform foundation evaluations and examinations.

As of June 26, 2019, 47 professionals have taken the course and passed the examination.

Although the primary purpose of this certification program is to provide more accessibility by potential claimants to CFSIC’s assistance, anyone can engage a CFSIC-certified home inspector to provide a foundation evaluation. CFSIC derives no income from any work performed by a person holding a CFSIC certification.

CFSIC has created the foundation certification program as part of its tax-exempt mission to serve the public. It has received a grant from the Connecticut Association of Realtors to assist in this effort.

Written foundation evaluations, including the assignment of a CFSIC severity class code, have been provided by CT-licensed professional engineers since the program’s inception. With the addition of certified home inspectors who have taken the course work and passed the exam, more homeowners can now potentially get access to CFSIC claim assistance.

See a list of certified home inspectors and engineers. (PDF)

See the rules of business conduct required under a CFSIC certification.

Some important points to remember:

1) CFSIC assumes no responsibility of any kind, whether direct, indirect, or consequential, for the quality of work product produced by a CFSIC-certified home inspector or engineer. What CFSIC has done is provided education and training, and, through an examination process, a certification. It has not, by virtue of the issuing of a certification, guaranteed the quality of any written work product produced by anyone performing foundation evaluations.

2) The Capitol Region Council of Governments (“CRCOG”) will not reimburse, in whole or in part, the cost of a foundation evaluation conducted by a CT-licensed home inspector...even if that home inspector is CFSIC-certified.  

3) CFSIC-certified home inspectors and engineers must assign a severity class code of 3, 2, or 1 to every foundation evaluated. There are no exceptions. The evaluation provided in written form is the professional’s opinion on the applicability of CFSIC’s severity codes at the fixed point in time at which the opinion is given.