Type 2 Contractor Help Sheet

Before You Complete a Type 2 Calculation Worksheet:

- Before you go to the spreadsheet, you need to find and review your original proposal for the work you performed to replace the homeowner’s foundation.

- Before going to the spreadsheet, and after reviewing your list of all the work you bid on, use your best professional judgment to estimate the cost of the concrete work that pertains to the allowable concrete costs that CFSIC will pay for. (To see a list of what we will and will not pay for, see items #5 and #6 here.) All we ask of contractors is that they use their best judgment at all times in estimating the breakout of concrete costs.

- Now, open the worksheet, and insert your total cost for ALL WORK you did as STEP 1.

- Then, enter your best estimate of the allowable concrete work you did in total as STEP 2.

- Using the Excel table inside the worksheet, enter the house linear feet, then the basement slab square feet, and do the same for the garage (if applicable)...the calculation will be done for you, including the total.

- Take the total and copy and paste it (or type it) into the STEP 3 space.

- Take a look at the number for STEP 2 and the number for STEP 3, and considering our absolute cap per foundation of $175,000, enter the LEAST of those three numbers as STEP 4.

Please print the document and go to the end of it, and sign and date your signature.

Please then provide it to the homeowner, who will need it to process their claim.

THANK YOU...for doing this extra work to help homeowners affected by the crumbling foundations natural disaster.

Your next step is to:

Go to the Type 2 calculation worksheet