CFCIS Will Launch

CFSIC will launch officially on January 10 at approximately 9:00 AM.

Here’s what will happen:

1) The Type 1 and Type 2 claim applications marked “specimen” will no longer be on this site. The specimen applications will be replaced in two ways: (1) by a fully electronic application for both Type 1 and Type 2 claims, and (2) by an application provided as a pdf file for both Type 1 and Type 2 claims.

2) You will have an opportunity to apply completely electronically or to download and print a pdf file of the application that you can then fill out and scan with all attached documents, so that you can email it to ESIS; or you can simply put your package in the mail to ESIS. That choice will be yours. Filing electronically provides you with an almost immediate electronic response, which will provide you with a claim number.

3) On January 10 we will have a video up on the website in the “For Homeowners” section. This video will take you through the completion of a Type 1 application. (If you know how to do a Type 1, a Type 2 works the same way.)

As you consider the application process, here are some things you should do:

– Take a look at the application pertaining to your type of claim and make sure that you have your points of evidence ready. If you plan to file electronically, make sure your documents are already scanned or are already in a readable electronic file format, such as a pdf file, etc., and are ready to be uploaded.

– Take a look at the video (again, only on or after January 10). It’s designed to help you apply.

– Familiarize yourself with the CFSIC-sponsored foundation re-examination program if you have not already done so.

Here are some things you should not do:

– Assume that CFSIC will run out of money in the first 24 hours. This should be less about panic and more about an orderly process.

– Try to attach a movie file (not only will it clog up your submission, but we don’t need it).

– Attach documents that are not required. (Please don’t send us a transmittal letter pleading a request or making a case for a special exception. Please don’t send us photographs or documents that are not part of the required attachments…if you do any of this, it will slow down your application.)

– Don’t drive over to Simsbury and try to hand your application to an ESIS adjuster because you think that will put you in line faster. It won’t. They are going to have their hands full with phone calls and with the dozens of people whose applications are already in line ahead of you because they filed their applications electronically while you were in your car.

– Please do not try to apply, for example, at 12:01 AM on January 10. The system will not be operational. Everyone connected with this project will be asleep, which is where you should be as well.

– We’ve had people indicate that they intend to apply by using their iPhones (yes, we are not making that up). For all the obvious reasons…that’s a bad idea.

We are planning a smooth and orderly launch, but we need your help. I want to repeat what Steve Werbner said…there will be bumps in the road. No launch of anything is ever perfect, and we don’t expect this one to be perfect either. We have no idea what to expect on January 10, because we simply have no idea how many of you are out there and will be applying. No one does.

The one thing we are certain of is that we are committed to launch and committed to serving you in the best way we can each and every day from January 10 on.

As you work through the application process, but only on or after January 10, here’s how you can get help:

– Call the Superintendent’s office at: 860-487-0000

– Call ESIS at: 844-763-1207

– Email ESIS at:

– Email CFSIC at:

All of us here are ready to help make this a successful launch.

Michael Maglaras, Principal
Michael Maglaras & Company
Superintendent, CFSIC