Latest News…July 8, 2019

Expected Changes

We have learned that Governor Lamont is expected to sign the new crumbling foundations legislation on July 9.

This legislation will make official several needed changes to CFSIC’s enabling legislation, permitting us to serve more affected homeowners, particularly those owning condominiums and PUDs, and in general to better streamline many parts of our process.

We are grateful to Governor Lamont and his team, as well as to our legislators, for their awareness and realization of the success of the CFSIC program and the need for continued support.

We are currently receiving condominium applications through condo associations. The ESIS team is at work reviewing those applications and supporting information. Once Governor Lamont signs the legislation, we will be able, 15 days from July 9, on July 24, to begin the process of adjusting condo claims and applicable PUD claims subject to these legislative changes. To be clear...the ESIS team is reviewing applications and supporting material now in anticipation of July 24. Once that day arrives, we’ll be able to post reserves and actively engage homeowners with their respective associations’ applications.

Final Word on the Home Inspector Issue

The full list of certified home inspectors can be found here. These home inspectors will be ready on or after July 24 to be part of the application process. Nothing prevents a homeowner/claimant from utilizing a CFSIC-certified home inspector now for purposes of the submission of an application to us... with the understanding that the application cannot go through the underwriting and approval process until July 24.

Also of importance is that our current underwriting and claims management guidelines, our electronic application, and other parts of our electronic and website documentation process all still refer to the need for visual examinations to be done solely by CT-licensed professional engineers.

This is no longer the case since June 12, 2019...but we’re not going to be changing our written documentation on this subject, officially, until July 24. Unofficially...homeowners can now use CFSIC-certified home inspectors as part of the application process, again, with the understanding that applications where a CFSIC-certified home inspector has provided a visual examination cannot be made active until on or after July 24.

For a complete list of CFSIC-certified home inspectors and engineers, click here.

To view CFSIC’s ethical and business guidelines, click here.

Sunset of CFSIC Foundation Re-examination Program

The CFSIC-sponsored foundation re-examination program will sunset on July 31, 2019. Work being undertaken now or requested now up to July 31 will continue to be paid for by CFSIC as part of its outreach to homeowners who had engineer visual examinations conducted, at some point in the past, but where no severity class code had been applied.

As mentioned above, until July 31 we will continue to honor and pay for re-examinations done by the two engineering firms found in Section 12 of the “For Homeowners” section of this site.

Given that all CT-licensed home inspectors are now educated in the importance of severity-coding foundations, and all 47 CFSIC-certified home inspectors are appropriately trained, there is no reason for us to continue the re-examination program.


If you have any questions about the operation of the program, ESIS is your best source of information on your claim, and their phone number and email are shown below.

Phone: 844-763-1207


As you work through the information and application process, here’s how you can get help:

– Call ESIS (the claim adjuster) at: 844-763-1207

– Email ESIS at:

– Email CFSIC at:

To view a video of how to complete an electronic application, go here.

To apply for a Type 1 claim, go here.

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To learn more about the program, if you are a homeowner, including application help, go here.

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Michael Maglaras, Principal
Michael Maglaras & Company
Superintendent, CFSIC