The Process Has Begun

CFSIC’s website was launched yesterday. We expected a lot of comments…and we have not been disappointed.

We’ve received many comments about CFSIC’s proposed process for adjusting and paying claims. I wanted to make sure that all concerned persons are aware that I and my team are reading everything you’re sending us. I also want to make sure that you’re aware that my Board of Directors will eventually consider every constructive comment you have made…and the comments you will continue to make.

Regardless of the issue, every comment aimed at the constructive improvement of our program will get the attention it deserves.

Lastly, all of us at CFSIC ask you to remember one thing: nothing is cast in concrete (and I use that metaphor intentionally). Nothing is so permanently in place that, for good reason, it cannot change. It doesn’t make any difference what the issue is: if there’s a reason to validly and appropriately modify our position, CFSIC will make that choice.

There is a reason that the enabling legislation permitted a 30-day comment period. Please continue to give us your helpful and constructive thoughts. Please engage with us. But, most importantly, please understand where CFSIC is coming from…we come from only one place: we want to launch and we want to start paying some claims.

Michael Maglaras, Principal
Michael Maglaras & Company