Type 1 Contractor Help Sheet

Before You Complete a Type 1 Proposal Calculation Worksheet:

- You need to have already taken a linear foot measurement of the house foundation and garage foundation (if applicable).

- You need to have already taken a square foot measurement of the house slab and garage slab (if applicable).

- You need to have already thought about the allowable concrete work we will pay for, and what the linear and square foot costs you intend to charge for that work will be. (To see a list of what we will and will not pay for, see items #5 and #6 here.)

- Open the worksheet, and insert your cost factors for the foundation and slab work. (Again, you insert yours, not ours.) Our maximum cost factors are shown on the worksheet to guide you. We cannot accept your proposal if your bid for the concrete work exceeds those maximums. 

- Please pay close attention to the allowable concrete work shown at the end of the worksheet, and make certain that the cost factors you are using cover that work and that work only.

- Complete the worksheet and attach it to EITHER CFSIC’s Type 1 proposal template, once you have completed it, or to your own proposal template.

- Please be sure to sign and date your worksheet before attaching it to your proposal.

Your next step is to:

Go to the Type 1 proposal calculation worksheet