Latest News…September 20, 2021

CFSIC Is Committed to Education and Knowledge…

Next week we’ll publish white paper #7 by Kevin Miller on the subject of the causes of concrete impairment and product failure.

Meanwhile, for those interested in learning much more about the science behind the crumbling foundations crisis, the link below will take you to Kevin’s last six white papers on this subject:

Secondly, we’ll be announcing next week two new education initiatives as we get ready to close 2021. In December, we will be requiring a re-certification course for all current CFSIC-certified home inspectors. We will also conduct a one-day first time certification for those unable to adhere to CFSIC’s schedule last year. CFSIC’s concrete failure and science certification course is widely accepted as the only respected course of its kind anywhere in America. Eight professional engineers, who do not require CFSIC’s certification, have voluntarily elected to complete it.

Lastly, in the past two weeks CFSIC has begun its scheduled non-residential crumbling foundations assessment in the Northeast Corner. We have already completed an assessment of the status of municipal buildings in one of the hardest hit towns in the affected area. Of necessity, because of the Delta variant surge, this non-residential assessment effort can’t move as quickly as we would like it to, because of limitations on access to town officials and others, as well as difficulty in scheduling site visits. But rest assured that we are working diligently to quantify the scope of the non-residential crisis, starting first with public buildings in all the towns in question.

From time to time we will report on our progress with all these areas…as progress continues.

Next $20M Received!

CFSIC has received the next $20M in CT Bond Commission allotment…the last allotment of the original $100M pledged by the State of CT to get CFSIC’s remediation program off the ground.

We are grateful to DOH Commissioner Mosquera-Bruno and her team for partnering with us to get this job done.

The Superintendent has directed CFSIC to re-open its doors this week for the issuance of new Participation Agreements.

For the first time, we will be getting to Severity Class code 2 foundations, which is great news for those families who have been waiting in line a long time.


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