CFSIC’s 2019 Annual Report

  1. Read the text of the annual report.
  2. To see a general information infographic detailing how CFSIC is already helping the top ten towns with property tax abatement problems.
  3. See an infographic specifically providing information on total claims in our system, as well as numbers of active and inactive Type 1 and Type 2 claims.
  4. See an infographic showing six key condo facts.
  5. See Type 1 approved claim construction values for the top five contractors and how CFSIC is making significant contributions to the job market and economy in the Northeast Corner.
  6. Learn more about the total of our incurred claim activity throughout the affected area.
  7. To review how CFSIC’s work is directly benefitting the top ten towns with significant tax assessment losses:

Town of Vernon

Town of Tolland

Town of S. Windsor

Town of Willington

Town of Manchester

Towns of Stafford/Stafford Springs

Town of Ellington

Town of Coventry

Town of Ashford

Town of Somers